The Search

You may not find the truth..but you can be the truthFranz Kafka

The Search poster

Synopsis of Search:
When John Woods received a text message from his wife that afternoon, he didn’t realize that it is going to change his life forever. His wife had sent him a distress call from a library. After that she was not picking up the phone anymore. John reaches the library to find that the realm offered by the library appears to be beyond the normal human repertoire of experiences. He is unwelcome- screams every single speck of dust there… . And in the jaws of the unfathomable adversary lurking there, everyone around him may be as clueless as he is.

Main Cast : Joseph Bellerose, Li Li, Melvin Downing

Primary Crew: Kes Tagney, Faiza Zaidi, Carlos, Michael Treder


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